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Wisconsin Fresh Sausage Company is committed to bringing you the best Gourmet Foods available.

We are committed to fresh quality, gourmet freshness and customer service. When your customers enjoy Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods, you will be ensured they are enjoying the Best Gourmet Foods Available.

Wisconsin Fresh offers fresh gourmet foods like, Gourmet Wisconsin Brats, Gourmet Wisconsin Brat Patties, Gourmet Wisconsin Sausage, Gourmet Wisconsin Summer Sausage, Gourmet Breakfast Patties, Gourmet Pork Sliders, Gourmet Beef Sliders, Gourmet Wisconsin Sausage Straws, Gourmet Bloody Mary Sausage Straws, Gourmet Wisconsin Snack Sticks.

We are constantly striving to bring our customers new and innovative Gourmet Food Products. We always look for new Gourmet Food Ideas and some come from our customers.

Our Wholesale Gourmet Food Products are continuously being applauded for taste, quality and gourmet freshness. We use only Farm Fresh Vegetables, Farm Fresh Meats and of Course, Wisconsin Cheese.

Look for Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods in Grocers near you, if you can't find the Wisconsin Fresh Brand, ask your Grocer to carry our Gourmet Products. You can also order our Gourmet Food Products from our website. Buy Sausage Online, Buy Brats Online, Buy Patties Online, Buy Breakfast Patties Online, Buy Beef Sliders Online, Buy Pork Sliders Online, Buy Sausage Sticks Online, Buy Sausage Straws Online

Wisconsin Fresh Summer Sausage is old fashioned Sausage, with old fashioned flavor you do not find with other store brand Summer Sausage. 

Old-fashioned recipe summer sausage, smoked in a concrete pit smokehouse over a real hardwood fire for 18-24 hours. Creates a strong smoky flavor that only comes from a slow smoking process. A throwback flavor to the days of homemade sausage that you won't find anywhere else.

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Try Our Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst Flavors, with over 40 Gourmet Flavors you can't go wrong

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